Publicity, Commercial & Passport Photos

Publicity Photo

Publicity Portraits

Perfect professional headshots for websites like LinkedIn™, Real Estate, resume's and high office!

The most popular package (price reflected above) includes 1 or 2 digital images which can be customer selected immediately following the shoot.

Professional retouching for one image is included and only $10 for each image after.

Schedule an appointment (410) 252-5355
Normal Hours 8am - 4pm M-F

*Studio fee of $15 applies to all publicity portraits. All applicable tax & shipping must be applied.

See orderform for other options..

Corporate Photos

Custom agreements will be made for group pictures and individual portraits where the number of people photographed is more than 10.

Located conveniently for customers from Baltimore,, Maryland and surrounding areas.

→ Digital Photo Files Provided
→ Professional Retouching
→ Corporate ID Cards
→ Studio Sessions
→ Group Photos
→ Quick Turnaround
→ Candid & Event Photography

Corporate Photo

We take multiple shots!

Publicity Sample Female
Baltimore Publicity Photograph

Passport Photos

American passports for $25 + tax.

Foreign passports

Be prepared

→ No bulky jewelry
→ Typical clothing
→ No glasses 
→ Minimal makeup

Baltimore Passport

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