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Born in 1931 to Italian immigrants, Angelo and Rita Galeone, Francis Paul, known to many as Mr. Frank started his photography business in 1961 by taking baby pictures in peoples' homes in order to supplement his salary as a City College High School math teacher. It was a service called "kidnapping". He, his wife, Elaine and a friend named Jean would canvass a neighborhood, knock on doors and ask the parent if she or he would like to have the child's or children's picture taken later that same day. Many responded affirmatively. He developed the black and white film and printed the pictures in the basement of his home in Parkville. He found a local artist that would tint some of the pictures enhancing them nicely. Later on, he began taking wedding pictures for different established studios. With the business growing a wife and five children they built and moved to a larger home in Timonium. A mother-in law's apartment for Mr. Galeone's mother was also annexed to the house. In addition to the basement dark room and packaging room, the garage, enlarged and enclosed became the studio. Friends and neighborhood high schoolers worked after school packaging pictures.

Little by little, his own wedding picture business grew and he was now earning a small profit. The school picture business started when a principal asked Mr. Galeone to take the schools pictures free as a fund raiser. He agreed and processed the pictures in his basement. After that, he began soliciting schools and won some contracts. He hired a young man as an assistant. He also hired a lab to do the processing. That was a mistake. The pictures were washed out and he lost the school business he worked so hard to get. He was undaunted. He located another efficient lab and worked hard to regain some schools and their trust. Prayers were non- stop and the business thrived and is generously blessed. He attended many conventions, workshops, seminars and even won some prizes. After twelve years Mr. Galeone's mother died and the apartment was converted into a working lab. His wife learned how to print pictures. This was a huge savings as the pictures could be printed, packaged and delivered in a very timely fashion. Turn around was a great asset. No pictures left the lab unless they were perfect. There was control. Mr. Frank and the F.Paul Galeone Photographers were gaining a respectable reputation.

 Mr. Frank could always be heard saying, "We never stopped learning and we never stopped praying."

Over the many years, the studio advanced from black and white to color photography and then to digital. The business grew and decided to move to a commercial building, plus his wife wanted the business out of their home. They put the house up for collateral many time in order to finance the operation and the move to Deerco Road, not to mention tuitions for school and college for the five children. The business now employs photographers, computer techs, lab printers, re-touchers, secretaries and other specialists. Mrs. Galeone, now retired, two children, two sisters, and other relatives also work for the studio, thus a "Family Business." The children have worked in the business as youngsters and now are engaged in the administration. In addition to school pictures, there are formal senior pictures, corporation portraits, publicity pictures plus many more requests. F. Paul Galeone Photographers Inc. has been in business since 1961 and is still operating at full speed.

"We are also very proud of our accomplishments. We are grateful to our family, employees, customers and above all to our loving God." Frank and Elaine Galeone

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